Boston University


TABS Summer Institutes attendees are invited to stay at Boston University’s 10 Buick Street, where attendees will stay in four-bedroom / two-bath apartment-style suites complete with a living room and kitchen. All fully-furnished bedrooms are single occupancy and reserved for Summer Session attendees only, and attendees can choose between a private or shared bathroom. Rooms include linens and towels. The entire dorm is wireless with Internet access available throughout. For your security, each bedroom has a separate lock.


The shared bathroom apartment-style suite room rate is $169/night.

The private bathroom apartment-style suite room rate is $219/night.

Attendees will need to reserve before the deadline of 3pm ET on July 15.

Boston University daily and overnight parking is also available.


Checking into the Dorm

Check into the front desk of the 10 Buick Street dorm. The dorm registration desk is open from 6:00am until midnight. If you will be arriving outside of this block there is an “on call” number at the desk that you will need to dial for assistance. The dorm will provide your apartment keys and a keycard for accessing the buildings. Keycards are required to enter campus buildings. The University will charge you a hefty replacement fee for lost keys/keycard, so please be careful with them.

An unloading area for very short-term parking is available at the base of the steps at 10 Buick Street. Use your flashers when leaving your car, and move it as soon as you’ve checked in. Cars left for long periods of time will be ticketed and/or towed.

Meals at Boston University

Housing includes breakfasts and lunches. Meals will be served in a “food court” setting at a nearby dorm facility, and the selection can accommodate various diets.

Lunch will also be included for those staying off campus.


The Fitness and Recreation Center is a state-of-the-art facility that’s available for your use. Guests will be able to register online for a FitRec guest pass the link below.