Mental Health and Wellness

Explore the key mental health and wellness concepts most critical to supporting students in the residential environment, including the latest science about anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and self-harm, and what you can do to promote an environment of wellness on your campus. How might our schools promote healthy habits and well-being, and how might we lead by example, modeling the habits and behaviours that we want to inspire in our students so that they can thrive in our communities?  


  • Hannah Mariotti
    Hannah Mariotti
    Beacon Coaching and Consulting, LLC

    Hannah Mariotti, MA, is a veteran educator and has worked in mental health for over 20 years. She has held positions in schools, hospitals, health services, and private practice, and has worked in both traditional independent and therapeutic schools serving students from K-12. Her areas of expertise include: applied neuroscience, anxiety/depression, attachment and trauma, social/emotional learning, mindfulness, growth mindset, and cognitive behavioral techniques. She also teaches at two local colleges and volunteers with the Granite State Crisis Intervention Team.


July 27 2021

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  • Date: July 27 2021