Unpacking “In Loco Parentis”

When a family enrolls a student in boarding school, the leaders of the schools have the privilege and profound responsibility of serving and supervising in place of the parent. In this session, you’ll unpack the responsibilities of caring for the students in your care and explore the opportunities and challenges within key supervisory roles, including dorm parents and staff, advisors, and coaches.


  • Brent Ferguson
    Brent Ferguson
    Mathematics Faculty, Princeton Day School

    Brent’s experience in education includes both parenting (two daughters in different boarding schools) and teaching (math, physics, and chemistry) and coaching (swimming, water polo, and ultimate) at a number of schools, including two boarding schools: The Webb Schools (3 yrs) and The Lawrenceville School (13 yrs). As an educator, Brent has found his worthy work informed by his BA (Kenyon College, mathematics); M.Div (Princeton Theol. Seminary); much reading on pedagogy, history, and equity; and the relationship-building work that constitutes his 28 years of teaching and learning in community. Brent endeavors to learn from others earnestly, live among others intentionally, and love others generously. He is sustained by his faith, family, and friendships, and enjoys books and films, puzzles aplenty, outdoor work around the house, and sports of all kinds.

  • Jackie O'Rourke
    Jackie O'Rourke
    Educational Consultant, Outermost Education Services MA

    A veteran English teacher, dorm parent, field hockey and ice hockey coach, Jackie O’Rourke opened her consulting firm, Outermost Education Services, in 2018 after serving as the Dean of Residential Life and Leadership at Tilton School. A graduate of Cushing Academy, O’Rourke earned her BA and played ice hockey at Williams College, then added her MAT in Secondary Education from Boston University. After beginning her career at Berkshire School in Massachusetts as the Director of Student Activities, O’Rourke taught English for a semester at Boston Latin School before venturing overseas to teach English, coach soccer and serve as a dorm parent at King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan. She later returned to Berkshire to teach, coach and advise. O’Rourke now lives and works on Cape Cod with her husband, Devon, and daughter, Finny.


July 19 2021

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  • Date: July 19 2021